It’s What We Do


I started this on the road to Shreveport but hit the cell phone dead zone! I finally had time to blog and who knew you cant blog without Internet connection? Our 2003 Ford Expedition recently rolled over its mileage. It has 200,000 miles on it now. It rolled in our […]

And We Even Helped Them Pack

Well, I pretty much knew January was going to be tough on us with best friends moving. Caleigh’s best friend on the block moved Jan 9 to start an adventure in Chile and Gary and Ruth landed in Houston on the 10th to pack up their house and close on […]

Tree Pickin’

We were told by tiff that we couldn’t put up the tree without her so we waited. And waited. Finally she made it home a day late due to apartment looking for next year and cleaning up the cracker box dorm room hiding extension cords to avoid fines. Even though […]