Tree Pickin’

We were told by tiff that we couldn’t put up the tree without her so we waited. And waited. Finally she made it home a day late due to apartment looking for next year and cleaning up the cracker box dorm room hiding extension cords to avoid fines. Even though we have a perfectly fine “prelit that lost its lit tree” from Alaska Christmases…no one wanted to climb in the attic and bring her down! So we headed to the first place open on a weeknight after 8. And we saw it…a beautifully flocked tree. We’ve never had a flocked tree and I’m thinking if it doesn’t get decorated it already is. It had its own stand and doesn’t need watering! The perfect solution for this tree neglectful family!

  So we are taking fun snapshots while “they” tie the tree to the top of the car and next thing you know Caleigh’s blankie  Ellie, much adored by her given to her by Great Aunt Rita at birth,  popped in the center of the wreath!  Who knew!  (Well we should of…she goes everywhere Caleigh goes.)Posted with WordPress for BlackBerry.

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