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Happy 20th Birthday Tiffany! I cannot believe I was the first to wish you for real happies and since it was the only picture I had available for this quick post I put that screen shot you sent me on … Continue reading

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Yep, this brought me to tears!

Kevin packed up his books last night and he looked so happy gathering them all up, stacking them in order, and I’ll admit I was first so happy too because he found his entire home set of books in one … Continue reading

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The Pitching Machine

 Kevin is throwing curve balls! He has been working on them for a while now, and they finally made it across the plate noticeably at last night’s game.  One of the moms noticed his bloody knee and said he was … Continue reading

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Steve, Carrie, Keyna, Patti, Bill, Beth, John, Jim

I could always tell who my really good friends were when I was growing up because they could recite the birth order of my siblings in one breath! And I love the story in the Bible where Joseph is about … Continue reading

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Caleigh the “arthur”

So, Caleigh’s school had an author visit her school last week.  She has been very inspired.  She told me that she wanted to be an “Arthur.”  The author didn’t read them a book but detailed to her how to write a … Continue reading

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Let the blogs begin!

So, here is my first for real post.  And now months later I’m editing my first for real post.  All I know is that when Tiffany saw my header for the blog she immediately noticed she wasn’t in it.  Well, … Continue reading

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Jeep Clan

Cole and Kevin were taking their first golf lesson in our neighborhood and it was such a beautiful day that Keith decided to attempt to remove the soft top on Cole’s jeep for the first time.  It is a piece … Continue reading

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