Kevin – 2012

November 16, 2012

Kevin and I saw Dr. Mehta on Election Day November 6! She said to pick the next holiday to have the check up so he wouldn’t miss any school. I actually took my camera with me since it was a “well” visit and we have come so far! I know I am becoming my mother now that I am taking pictures of our docotrs! Dr. Mehta or as we would refer to her earlier when we couldn’t keep all the doctor’s straight, Princess Jasmine, was fine with me taking one. I also have to include the picture of the “pigs” and I call them pigs everytime we pass them going into the hospital and up to that 11th floor but every time Kevin reminds me they are cows mom! I got the “numbers call” and for lack of having a better place to keep my notes I really have to post them here. The nurse said that when Dr. Mehta saw the numbers she told the nurse she had to call since they were the best ever! So, here goes:

  • AST: 16 (12-32 normal range)
  • ALT: 12 (7-32 normal range)
  • GGT: 17 (8-32 normal range)

Such good news! He has come so far! So far that I have indeed fogotten how high his numbers originally were, and I am sure they are listed somewhere below but love that it is not a figure in my head. He is now compared to this time last year completely active! Band, Basketball, Baseball…and loads and loads of school work. Now to remember how to insert those photos:

July 12, 2012

Kevin is doing great! We visited Texas Children’s last month and he does not have to go again for months as long as all stays well. She said pick a holiday in the fall and schedule his check up so he doesn’t have to miss school. So i looked at the calendar and we will go in on election day! His labs are every 3 months so we will have one before seeing her and then one when we see her. They just opened a lab on that 11th floor of TX Children’s so it will be easy. She had a nutritionalists hop in and speak to us since I had seen a great one in February without Kevin but this one could speak straight to him about eating healthy. That helped me immensely. I am proud of the choices Kevin is making on his own. I am praying for continued strength and healing for him as well as a cure for his autoimmune disorder. Until then she is keeping him on his 150mg dosage of azathioprine (very low dose of chemo) to keep it in remission. She asked him how often in 3 weeks does he forget his meds and he said about once. I told her the story of seeing he forgot his meds and it was midnight so I took them up to him. Woke him. Said you forgot your meds and he took them and before I could get to bed he was in the shower! He thought it was time for school! She reminded him that taking the meds regularly keeps all the levels even and remission away. We stepped off the bus from church camp recently and he said all he remembered from last years camp was how much his stomach hurt. He would be hungry try to eat. Not be able to eat. Then the cycle would start over. I am so thankful with His help we were put in the right hands for healing to begin.

June 2012

I never really posted updates to visits between these two and that is probably due to one word: Geometry! Missing so much even after January from getting off steroids made for very rough days ahead in geometry! We found a wonderful tutor. He ended up making a commended score on 4 of 5 EOCs. Geometry was one of them! He missed commended by a smidge in English and we will take that! So ready for him to start this next school year with a clean slate.

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