He Thinks He Can Do It With Crates


Cole has been such an easy kid to get ready to get off to college. Here it is the night before we load em up and I finally found the crates! He doesn’t want to hang his clothes or even have a dresser to have to fold them and put away. He told me from the beginning of summer he just wants crates. So I found them at the Container store and since I was in my mini only grabbed 6. He thinks that ought to do it! We shopped online for his bedding too. We found a great quilt on pottery barn’s site after looking at lots of sites. (walden plaid) Well as many as you can take in while watching the Olympics! It took about 10 minutes. Ordered it. Done. I guess I can get use to this. But oh how I miss “the hunt!” I am determined to blog his high school graduation before he actually starts college on August 27…well see.

Categories: Cole

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