Dumpster Diving

Still learning this post and adding images thing! Now I am trying to even out the posts! Getting some under each kid!  Kevin recently had 3 staples put in by Dr. Pope.  He was waiting for me to pick him up after football practice and was the brunt of practical […]

The Brothers

Ever since Caleigh came along the boys get called all sorts of names.  Mostly the brothers or the boys.  Invariably after being called either name they look at us and tell us did we know that they do have names.  And usually they will often say that they wish they could […]

Finding Her

Ok…so the next thing on the Graduation Day Agenda was…finding her.  So we are in the Reliant Stadium with 793 graduates and their families and we really didn’t have a plan!  One would have been removed from graduation if they so much as found a cell phone or a camera […]