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Tuba Problems Not A Problem

I’m feeling the freedom! This is a happy day indeed. Our days of deciding or trying to remember if it’s a tuba transport day today before dawn are over. It fits! He also made his very first drive to a … Continue reading

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Oh To Be Ten Again!

The midget is ten! Oh, but wait! Tiffany, Cole, and Kevin are all acting like they are ten again! She opened her presents and they each had to jump on the Flicker and the Ripstick…testing them…but the testing went on … Continue reading

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Remember This Titan

Five down; one to go. That flashed across my mind as I walked up our driveway stacked with vehicles! And that sixth one knows all. She doesn’t even want a car ever because of how much she will be “made … Continue reading

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July 2: Such A Good Day

I proclaimed last night that tomorrow was our anniversary of our first date! Keith was like how do you remember these things, and I was like how can you NOT?! But Tiffany was excited. At least until she heard my … Continue reading

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The Nanny and The Intern

They have jobs! Tiffany is loving being a nanny, and Cole just started his internship with HMT. We actually had a hilarious night celebrating (always an excuse NOT to cook) and decided that Cole might just be in the wrong … Continue reading

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