Month: February 2011

The Cookies Are Here

Claeigh sold a lot of cookies and we are still sorting them in my dining room. So as I walked into this site this morning my thought was…this can’t be good! It’s classic though! Shred the wrapping. Devour the contents. Don’t throw the evidence away. Busted. I only hope the […]

i Pad Hangman: seriously!?

He gets to play i pad hangman with Caleigh on our ice day and the device generates the words. I always get gamer Caleigh without a device and you can imagine what that means. Once we were at the car wash passing time playing hangman and her word phrase was […]


On her snow day off I mean ice day Caleigh hopped up to what she calls her office aka the boys computer homework niche and made this belt. She calls it “Helpers”…and it has pockets with things to do all day in each pocket. Cause she can make lots of […]