Month: January 2011

And We Even Helped Them Pack

Well, I pretty much knew January was going to be tough on us with best friends moving. Caleigh’s best friend on the block moved Jan 9 to start an adventure in Chile and Gary and Ruth landed in Houston on the 10th to pack up their house and close on […]

Oh The Places She Goes

Posted with WordPress for BlackBerry. Caleigh and I went to Kroger and she got sidetracked playing with the produce sack and Ellie ended up on the floor. I was distracted but heard a mom telling her son to pick it up that someone would be looking for her for sure. […]

Studying With The Force

We came in from Kevin’s double overtime winning game to this site. Every light in the dining room on including the china cabinet’s and Cole studying for his pre-calculus final tomorrow in his sith robe. And may the force be with him! Posted with WordPress for BlackBerry.