Month: December 2010

Tree Pickin’

We were told by tiff that we couldn’t put up the tree without her so we waited. And waited. Finally she made it home a day late due to apartment looking for next year and cleaning up the cracker box dorm room hiding extension cords to avoid fines. Even though […]

She’s Home!

This t-shirt could be a line straight from the indian chief in Peter Pan…”BayloRNursing We Fix the Sic Em Bears”…so cute! She is home for the semester break and even finished her first semester with a Keeper GPA! She is still loving Baylor and has her heart set on getting […]


Meet “Hanrey” or as pronounced Henry Caleigh’s elf on the shelf! Aunt She-O introduced him to us a couple of years ago. This little fellow brings such excitement to our home everyday! If you are within walking distance of our house when she finds him you can hear her screaming…”Hanrey! […]

Rockin’ on the Dock

Keith and I got to get away for our church’s couples retreat at the end of October. We have been married for 21 years. Hence the name of this new category. Twenty And One. Kind of basketbally too. So here we were sitting on the dock of the bay (am […]